Yoni Massage

What is a Yoni Massage?

Do you want your current relationship to become something more than the average, “normal” relationship? Then it is highly recommended that you try out the Yoni Massage. The Yoni Massage can be compared with a sexual artform, gradually evolved and perfected throughout the centuries.

But first things first – the Yoni Massage is not a typical, sexual tool that simply helps and spices up your sex life. Well, a Yoni Massage definitely does those things, but it is much more than that. The Yoni Massage can help you and your partner achieve a deep and emotional bond of mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Yoni Massage

Improve your relationship with a Yoni Massage

When you are massaging your partner’s intimate areas, using the techniques of the Yoni Massage, you are not only pleasuring her; she is putting herself in a very vulnerable position – she is placing a lot of trust on your shoulders. The Yoni Massage involves caressing your partner’s most intimate areas – in and around the vagina / yoni.

For many this might sound a little bit frightening, but I promise you, If you manage to utilise the Yoni Massage to the best of your ability, your partner will be eternally grateful. You will also gain more experience yourself when it comes to knowing how your partner reacts and responds when being touched and caressed in her more intimate areas. It is definitely a win-win situation.

In order to make your partner feel completely comfortable, while performing the Yoni Massage, it is essential that you try to build up a totally relaxed atmosphere. An atmosphere where the communication between you and your partner is without any restrictions or inhibitions.

Your partner will sometimes be able to reach an orgasm during the Yoni Massage, but that is actually not the purpose of the act. The purpose is that you will get a better and more fulfilling relationship with your significant other – through the act of pleasing her. Perhaps without even asking for anything in return.

Yoni Massage – different uses

The Yoni Massage is not only intended for random relationships. It is very often the case that victims of e.g. rape, or people that have experienced other forms of abuse, experience issues when it comes to the ability of trusting other people. This is very much so when it comes to the intimacy that is required between a woman and her significant other in a relationship.

Rape victims have experienced that someone has come along and viciously stripped them of the control of their own sexuality. Some victims manage to cope with this, and are able to move on with their daily lives, but others face many and recurring mental problems because of this extreme violation of their private sphere.

Not being able to trust someone can be a terrible thing to endure. A Yoni Massage can, in some cases, help women restore the feeling of being in control of their own sexuality and, eventually, move on from the tragic events that have affected them in the past.

Whatever the reason, a Yoni Massage is definitely something that can further enhance your relationship with your partner. Try it out!

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